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Yu-Gi-Oh Zoodiac Barrage Rug

A.Yu-Gi-Oh Zoodiac Barrage Rug

Yu-Gi-Oh Zoodiac Barrage Rug The main band of a rug is called the “”main band.”” The width of a main band varies with the size and design of the field. The outer and inner guard stripes are subordinate bands on either side of the main band. The outer one is typically thicker and coarser than the inner one. Decorative designs can be carved into the field, and often these are surrounded by panels or medallion systems. Depending on its size, a Chinese or Tibetan rug may be patterned, but the central area will generally be plain. Yu-Gi-Oh Zoodiac Barrage Rug

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Yu-Gi-Oh Zoodiac Barrage Rug1

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